ALUCAT® catamaran boats have been developed and tested on the basis of a new type of boat innovation since 2003, in changing conditions and different purposes of use. Multipurpose vessels are developed by racing boats users and professionals for a variety of user groups. Top designers and organizations in the field of boating have been involved in the design work.

The ALUCAT® catamaran is a pioneer in its class and the internationally patented design guarantees unbeatable performance in all sizes.



The mission of the company is to provide safe, stable and economical boating for all user groups with the professional quality.

ALUCAT® is the Finnish top product, which is ideal for international waters. The company’s R&D activities are based on meticulous testing and user experience analysis around the world. The values of ALUCAT’s sustainable development are emphasized by the 100% recyclability of the material used and the improved energy efficiency of the patented catamaran hull. The design, manufacture and operation of the ALUCAT® boats are always guided by the use of the latest technology to minimize environmental impact.

ALUCAT® boats are always designed primarily for professional use and manufactured by the professional standards. Literally, this means the assured durability and uncompromised quality for the boat user.

In real life, it means Stability, Area, Flexibility and Economy.
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