The ALUCAT W14 is practical, safe and durable multi-purpose boat with catamaran hull. These boats are ideal for use by professionals and public authorities and, indeed, they are widely used for these purposes every day.


The boats have first-class running characteristics even with heavy loads and the deck areas may be easily adapted to suit the intended purpose.


Technical information

Boat type




Deck commercial squares (m2/ft2)

14 / 150

Length (m/ft)

6,9 / 23

Width (m/ft)

2,45 / 8.2

Bow ramp width (m/ft)

1,4 / 4.6

Weight (kg/lbs)

1200 / 2645

Recommended power (hp)

115 - 250

Number of persons max  


Carrying capasity (kg/lbs)

1600 / 3525

CE category

C (coastal waters and lakes)


  • Recreation
  • Fishing, hunting
  • Programme services
  • Boat taxi
  • Official use
  • Rescue department use
  • Shore contruction
  • Pier and dock maintenance
  • Oceanology
  • Security guarding, patrolling
  • Oil spill prevention and response

ALUCAT boats have been developed by competitive boaters. Top Finnish boating experts have also been involved in their design process.


The boats have been tested since 2003 for use in different conditions and purposes.


ALUCAT boats are top-tier products made by Finnish experts for both domestic and international waters. Our R&D work also takes user experiences into account. The sustainable values of ALUCAT are present in the materials used in the boats: they are 100% recyclable.


Standard equipment

2 person benchboard, high


turning bow ramp

Side decals, customisable colours

Self-emptying, spacious deck area

Lots of storage space

2 fixed fuel tanks

Side rails

Hinged stern rails

2 swim platforms

Swimming ladder
Rope cleats

Leather seats and seat covers

Turning seat leg with height adjust

5 extra fuse holders

Hydraulic steering

2 auto/manual bilge pumps

2 manual drainage pumps


Bow ring


2 bollards

Anchor rope 15 m
Folding anchor Fire extinguisher

Dual battery system

Batteries and battery cases

Navigation lights

Power take-off 12 V

Electrical main switch




Flexible seat leg

Detachable seat leg

Folding 1-person seat

Folding 2-person seat



Navigation equipment

LED lighting for the deck

LED beaching/headlights

Targa rib

Targa rod holder

Folding rain top

Outboard motor jack plate

Seat/storage box

Extra heater


Available deck options




› OPEN boat models information and pictures (PDF) 







<b>Alucat Cabin 4</b>
<b>Alucat Cabin 4</b>
<b>Alucat Cabin 4</b>
<b>Alucat Cabin 4</b>
<b>Alucat Cabin 4</b>
<b>Alucat Cabin 4</b>
<b>Alucat Cabin 4</b>
<b>Alucat Cabin 4</b>
<b>Alucat Cabin 4</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin2 Work</b>
<b>Alucat Cabin 2 Work</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Rescue</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Rescue </b>
<b>Alucat W14 Rescue </b>
<b>Alucat W14 Rescue</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Rescue </b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin 4</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin 4 </b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin 4 </b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin 4 </b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin 4</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin 2 work</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin 2 work</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin 2 work</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin 2 work</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin 2 work</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin 2 work</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin</b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin </b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin 4 </b>
<b>Alucat W14 Cabin </b>
<b>Palo tre4</b>
<b>Palo tre1</b>
<b>AC at work 011</b>
<b>AC at work 018</b>