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Alucat(R) is SAFE. In real life, it means Stability, Area, Flexibility and Economy.

"That you'd return home"





Aluminium boats


The ALUCAT W8 is a genuine multi-purpose boat with a catamaran hull designed for all user groups. The boat is made of durable aluminium and its features set it apart from regular V-bottom boats. The ALUCAT W8 is extremely stable, safe and economical.

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The ALUCAT W14 is practical, safe and durable multi-purpose boat with catamaran hull. The boats are especially suited for use by professionals and public authorities. These boats have first-class running characteristics even with heavy loads and the deck areas may be easily adapted to suit the intended purpose.

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The maximum tilt of a V-hull boat with a full load is 19.5 degrees. A fully loaded catamaran has a maximum tilt of only 10 degrees.

A catamaran turns without drifting, which makes manoeuvring in harbours easy, steady and safe.

When turning, the ALUCAT stays firmly horizontal. The horizon is not lost and no blind spots are formed. Visibility remains good in every direction at all times.

The ALUCAT does not "plow" the water but instead takes advantage of water's natural buoyancy. There is no planing threshold.


The ALUCAT moves smoothly through waves, improving comfort, safety and boat control.

In emergency stops the ALUCAT's stern does not go down, which prevents the formation of a dangerous stern wave.

The ALUCAT is boarded safely using a wide bow ramp.

The ALUCAT comes ashore safely and steadily and it does not wobble like a V-hull boat would.


ALUCAT catamaran boats take advantage of the latest boating innovations and their development and testing for use in different conditions and purposes already began in 2003. These versatile boats have been developed by competitive boaters for all user groups. Leading Finnish boating experts have also been involved in the design process.

Our mission is to offer a stable, safe and economical boating experience.

The ALUCAT is a top-tier Finnish product for both domestic and international waters. Our research and development efforts are based on diligent testing and user experiences. We value sustainability very highly and so all the materials used to make the ALUCAT are 100% recyclable. Our starting point has been minimising the environmental impact in the design, manufacture and operation of the boats.