ALUCAT W8 in the Best of Boats Awards 2017



ALUCAT W8 in the Best of Boats Awards 2017


Ylöjärvi, 28 November 2017 – On 23 November, for the fourth time, the Best of Boats Awards (BOB Awards) were presented at BOAT & FUN BERLIN, Germany. The panel of judges, made up of 17 boat magazine journalists from 15 European countries, selected the best boats from different categories. The Best of Boats Awards represent Europe’s largest international motorboat competition regarding countries and the number of boats tested. Overall, the judges performed 585 confirmed tests on lakes and rivers involving 170 new models from 19 countries.


Unlike other competitions this one concentrates on boats as they appear through the users’ senses and prizes are awarded by taking the requirements of individual categories into account.


Our ALUCAT W8 catamaran was nominated in the Best for Fishing category and was one of the four finalists in this class. We participated in the tests with our basic model of ALUCAT W8 without a cabin or a weather protection, which would have been chosen if we included the optional weather protection. That was the condition the judge emphasized to win the category. Julijan Višnjevec, editor-in-chief of the magazine Val Navtika from Ljubljana, commented the decision thus: “In order to have a pleasant fishing trip one needs lots of space, fishing rod holders, fish tanks and a work table. The best thing is a cabin, or at minimum good weather protection, and at the very least the boat should be safe and seaworthy.”


We were at the top of all the boats in the world in this very competitive category and we were chosen the best fishing boat from Finland, next after the winner! That was a fantastic credit for our new ALUCAT W8 catamaran and we are so proud to tell this to everyone who needs a good boat. We want to thank the judge for the credit we achieved in this tight competition. Overall they were really impressed by the operating characteristics, the quality and the safety of our catamaran. This is a clear sign of our persistent development work on the way to create the best and the safest boat in this size and class.


We will continue the hard work we started with this model three years ago, and be better in all the matters said. As we say in Finland, the most important in the boating is that you will return home safely. With the ALUCAT W8 catamaran we pride ourselves on this point over all others.  





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