Price comparison


  • One cannot compare ALUCAT boats to other boats on the market on the basis of length, but instead the comparison must be made in terms of safety, economic efficiency and free deck space.

  • The ALUCAT has up to twice as much open, flat deck space as V-hull boats of the same length.

  • For instance the ALUCAT W8 catamaran boat is under 5 meters long and it has as much free deck space as a V-hull boat that is 7–8 meters long.

  • Thanks to their excellent planing characteristics, the machine power required by ALUCAT boats is approximately one third less than that required by equivalent V-hull boats. This means that users may choose a significantly smaller and more affordable motor, which also means reduced fuel consumption.

  • By choosing an ALUCAT catamaran boat you are choosing twice as much free deck and storage space and operating expenses that are one third smaller than with regular V-hull boats.

We invite you to get acquainted with the ALUCAT family of catamaran boats!