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Introducing at the Helsinki Boat Show



Introducing at the Helsinki Boat Show:


Alucat® W10 – A catamaran For the extreme use

The Finnish boat manufacturer, Alucat Catamarans Ltd, will introduce a new catamaran model Alucat® W10 at the Helsinki in February 2019. The length of this new model is 5.9 meters and the width is 2.3 meters.



The response for an increasing demand for multipurpose boat by alucat®

The stability and accessibility of the catamaran, due to the twin-hull, are the key features appreciated by the professionals. In particular, the fire and rescue personnel, people who need a boat at work, the fishing guides and the companies organizing tourism in water areas, see the potential of Alucat®. A 80cm wide bow ramp makes the catamaran accessible also for the physically challenged individuals. The flat floor area makes it possible to roll all over the floor with a wheelchair as well. As an accessory, the bow ramp can be equipped with a ladder, which helps the divers or swimmers board easily from water.


The loading is possible directly from the shore without a dock

The robust construction, bow ramp and shallow draught, thanks to the catamaran hull, allow the easy going ashore and operating in shallow water. The outboard engine can be attached on an elevator, available as an accessory, whereupon Alucat is able to go ashore or to be loaded practically on any shore found.


The spacious floor area allows the boat to be equipped in many ways

In the Helsinki Boat Show you’ll see the Alucat W10 Tour model. In addition, the basic collection includes some other models, which are Sport, Fish, Work, Rescue, Accessible and Cabin. Of course, all the models could be customised according to the customer's needs. For example, in terms of fishing tourism or touring, it’s possible to install various table and seat solutions, a fridge, an audio equipment, a cabin heating or even a chemical toilet.


the experience of the manufacturer is clearly visible with this new model

Thanks to the structural solutions and continuous development work, the catamaran is more stable than usual v-shaped boats. When the sliding threshold is reached easier and with less power, the fuel economy is very moderate. The recommended outboard engine for the W10 is between 100-150 horsepower, and the on-road transportation can be done with a car-driven Alucat trailer.


The designer Tarmo Konttinen from Alucat Catamarans Ltd is pleased with the newcomer: ”In year 2017, Alucat W8 was awarded the best fishing boat from the Nordic countries. Now, the goal was to create the best vessel in the world in the class.”


The price range of Alucat® W10 catamaran starts from EUR 35 800 (incl. VAT 24%).


Alucat® is SAFE. In real life, it means Stability, Area, Flexibility and Economy.

“That you’d return home”

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