The ALUCAT W8 is a genuine multi-purpose boat with a catamaran hull designed for all user groups. The boat is made of durable aluminium and its features set it apart from regular V-bottom boats. The ALUCAT W8 is extremely stable, safe and economical.


The planing threshold of the ALUCAT is next to nothing and it moves steadily even through waves. The ALUCAT allows large side loads and can carry substantial overall loads.


ALUCAT boats are always equipped according to the customer's wishes and you can choose the decals and other details to your liking.



Technical information

Boat type Catamaran
Material Aluminium

Deck commercial squares

Width (m) 2,30
Bow ramp width (mm) 800 - 1000
Weight (kg) 550
Recommended power (hp) 50 - 100
Number of persons 6
CE category C (coastal waters and lakes)


  • Recreation
  • Fishing, hunting
  • Programme services
  • Boat taxi
  • Official use
  • Rescue department use
  • Shore construction
  • Pier and dock maintenance
  • Oceanology
  • Security guarding, patrolling
  • Oil spill prevention and response


The ALUCAT has been developed to meet the needs of different user groups. Thanks to its stability and wide, flat deck, the ALUCAT is a great choice for anglers, holidaymakers and businesses. Persons who are in a wheelchair or who are otherwise physically impaired are also able to board the ALUCAT safely and effortlessly.


The ALUCAT is especially suited for fishing as its stability, flat deck and capability to carry heavy side loads allow safe movement around the boat. The boat is also easy to clean and keep clean, thanks to its self-clearing deck.




Standard equipment

Side decals, customisable colours

Self-emptying, spacious deck area

Lots of storage space

Fixed fuel tank

Side rails, acid-proof stainless steel

Stern rails, acid-proof stainless steel

Bow rails, acid-proof stainless steel

4 rope cleats, acid-proof stainless steel

Swimming ladder

Leather seats and seat covers

Turning seat leg with height adjust

2 folding extra seats

Hydraulic steering 2 auto/manual bilge pumps

2 manual drainage pumps

Bow loop Paddle

2 bollards

Anchor rope 15m

Folding anchor

Fire extinguisher

Battery and battery case

Navigation lights

Electrical main switch with automatic fuses

5 extra fuse holders

Power take-off 12 V



Flexible seat leg

Detachable seat leg

Folding 1-person seat

Folding 2-person seat

Navigation equipment

LED lighting for the deck

LED beaching/headlights

Targa rib

Targa rod holder

Folding rain top

Outboard motor jack plate

Seat/storage box

Extra heater

Integrated fish box

Turning bow ramps

 Electric bow motor

Available deck options


Alucat W8 CC (1-person benchboard)
Alucat W8 DC (2-person benchboard)
Alucat W8 SC (2 benchboards)
Alucat W8 Cabin 2 (2-person cabin)

Alucat W8 Cabin 3 (3-person cabin)


› OPEN boat models information and pictures (PDF)






<b>Alucat W8 DC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 DC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 DC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 DC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 SC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 SC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 DC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 DC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 CC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 SC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 SC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 DC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 DC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 CC Fishing</b>
<b>Alucat W8 CC Fishing</b>
<b>Alucat W8 DC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 DC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 Cabin 3</b>
<b>Alucat W8 DC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 DC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 SC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 SC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 SC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 SC</b>
<b>Alucat W8 CC Fishing</b>
<b>Alucat W8 CC Fishing</b>
<b>Alucat W8 CC Fishing</b>
<b>Alucat W8 CC </b>
<b>Alucat W8 CC </b>
<b>Alucat W8 CC </b>
<b>Alucat W8 CC </b>
<b>Alucat W8 CC </b>
<b>Alucat W8 CC </b>